Aerospace welding


AWI has become a world leader in welding, thermal spray, organic and inorganic coatings. We use leading-edge technologies for manufacturing and repair of aircraft and/or engine components. Our highly qualified team is dedicated to finding the best solution to improve component performance. Based on experience and experiments, our ongoing research enables us to develop repair schemes, products and constantly enhance our services


AWI was founded in 1980 by Paul Di Genova as a welding service for the general aviation. The company now provides services for commercial, military and industrial sectors, on aircraft ranging from small turboprops to large jets. Paul Di Genova was employed as a mechanic by a major airline company for 25 years. During those years he was recognized and often awarded for his innovative repair suggestions. With an entrepreneurial mind, he saw an opportunity to put his skills to greater use, and started up his own business. A little workshop in the garage of his home was the birthplace of Aerospace Welding Inc. Repairs included welding and sheet metal for exhaust systems and floats for smaller aircraft types such as the Cessna. A few years later, the garage proved to be too small as his business flourished. Moving into a larger location in Laval and investing in more equipment was now essential. This important first move was key in successfully obtaining approval from Canadair (Bombardier) as a sub-contractor. From that moment on, AWI continued to grow exponentially, leading to several other moves until in 1993 it found a permanent residence in Blainville, Quebec. A brand new plant, 40 thousand square feet in size with sophisticated state of the art equipment and an increasing staff of qualified employees proved to be an exciting time for all involved. Sadly, in 2008, Aerospace Welding lost its founding father to cancer. A battle he courageously fought to the very end. It was Paul’s vision, determination and perseverance that lead Aerospace Welding Inc to become internationally known for its welding expertise and specialized processes. Numerous accreditations would attest to the exceptionally high quality standards that are adhered to. With a dedicated staff of over 100 who understand the importance of teamwork, customer service and continuous improvement, we can confidently say that Aerospace Welding Inc will continue to serve the global aviation market for years to come.


Based in Blainville (Quebec, Canada), AWI is a family-run business employing over 100 employees in a 40,000 sq. ft. plant. Facilities in support of our welding and coating departments include non-destructive testing, inspection, laboratory, painting, chemical cleaning and pressure testing.


Engine blade repair by HVOF process

AWI has been providing Coating services for over 20 years, to OEMS such as Pratt and Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Messier-Dowty, Siemens, as well as developing and providing repair solutions to military and civilian aircraft sectors.
DCM Coating department meets the highest tolerances and standards of quality in the aerospace field, as shown in our NADCAP accreditation.
AWI’s coating services includes:

  • High Velocity Oxy-Fuel System
  • Plasma
  • Wire Spray
  • Arc Spray
  • Inorganic Coating
  • Organic Coating

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