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  DCM demeure ouvert pour assurer la continuation de ses activités classifiées « essentielles ». Malgré tout et comme nous mettons comme toute première priorité la sureté et la sécurité de nos employés, nos activités sont bouleversées pendant cette période. Nous allons faire de notre mieux pour diminuer ces impacts et continuer à vous servir au mieux de nos possibilités et de nos moyens.
  DCM remains open for its activities classified as « essential ». However, as we put the safety and security of our employees as a top priority, our activities will surely be affected during this period. We will do our best to minimize these impacts and continue to serve you to the best of our abilities and means.

Sinters America

Sinters America is now a Division of DCM Group. Sinters America brought to DCM its 20 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing GSE, mechanical and electrical tooling as well as engineering tailor made solutions of automated test equipment. It is involved in 2 activities GSE & Tooling Electrical & Testing GSE &
Electrical &

DCM Aero

DCM Aero is now a Division of DCM Group. DCM Aero brought to DCM its 30 years’ experience in flying parts and GSE. It is involved in 2 activities

Aerostructure &


AWI is now a Division of DCM Group. Aerospace Welding brought to DCM its more than 30 years of expertise in welding services and special processes. It is involved in 2 activities:

Aerostructure & Tubing Aerospace


Recently acquired by DCM Group, Trident (formally Les Industries Trident Inc.) brought to DCM its 30 years of experience in flying parts manufacturing. With its 45 state of the art CNC machines (41 Milling and 4 Lathes), Trident is a major asset that will ensure DCM's performance and future.